Traditional Filipino Food

If there is one distinct feature of Filipino culture, it would be love for Food – just about any kind. Considering the geographic diversity of the country, all kinds of fruits, vegetables, grains, and 2,000 species of fish can always land on a Filipino’s table during meal time. So technically, traditional Filipino food is dependent on the location or region. Now, let’s talk about me before you realize this is a Food Blog and not Geography Class… Lights…Camera…

I am Bel – yes the voluptuous Bel of any feast since I am always in the kitchen assisting Lola (abuela, grandmother,  ninuno) whom we always referred to as Nanay. As Iv’e said, flavors vary according to region so I learned to cook the Batanguena way.   Batangas is a southern province maybe 2-3 hours away from Manila.   Goodness,  I have learned to cook rigorously sinaing na tambakol (tuna cooked slowly in salt, dried kamias and sometimes unripe mango), bulanglang (mixed freshly picked vegetables from our garden such as sitaw (string beans), calabasa (squash), patani (lima beans) and whatever there is on our garden boiled in Hugas bigas (water obtained from washing rice ) which is famous in Batangas.   Definitely,  piece de resistance would be sumang magkayakap sa latik, burong mustasa and kapeng barako.

Instinctively,  I had a taste for good food but cultivated my skills when I got married to Darwin.   Gotta feed the family with something that would make them long for  homemade food.  Incidentally,  a childhood friend and I also put up a restaurant named “Kikay Café” in 2003 which caters to students, employees in nearby offices and med reps.  Who badly want a taste of home cooking.   Last 2008,  we shifted into full time catering,  “Kubyertos Catering” which is really a dream come true considering I was just full of uling ( coal) form my lola’s kitchen way back then.

Today,  aside from cooking and trying new recipes,  I also love interior decorating and entertaining.   We always host a party for our family,  relatives and friends.   Our family is foodie people.   I think there’s a sub-culture for that as Homo sapiens.

My favorite place is  Tanauan market, Tanauan Batangas to buy some of the freshest ingredients.  I guess, I also feel sentimental  about puto, palaeros and the Pansit luglog which always remind me of my childhood days. Oh yes, before I forget…WELCOME ! Indulge, enjoy and feel free to hang around!